Code Challenge 01 - Word Values Part I

Posted by PyBites on Mon 09 January 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with scrabble, tdd, codechallenges, github, learning • 2 min read

Our first weekly code challenge is to calculate the (language) dictionary word that would have the most value in Scrabble. Enjoy and let us know if you like this format.

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Code Challenge Pilot - code review

Posted by Bob on Thu 05 January 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, refactoring, code review, bestpractices, pythonic, git, Github, git flow, vim, assert • 4 min read

In this post I review the code of challenge # 1 and refactor it to make it more Pythonic.

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How to get PyBites up and running on your machine

Posted by Pybites on Tue 20 December 2016 in Tools • Tagged with pelican, publishing, github, pip, virtualenv, git • 1 min read

This is a short post for Julian to get this Pelican blog up and running on his system.

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