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The best way to learn to code in Python is to actually use the language.

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Hone Your Python Skills

Python is hot according to Dice. It’s an easy language to learn, has an elegant design and is widely used.

You might want to learn it. And we'd love to help you!

We are Bob and Julian, two Pythonistas passionate about learning and teaching Python.

bob + julian == pybites

Darren Hardy's advice in The Compound Effect resonated with us:

To up your chances of success, get a success buddy, someone who’ll keep you accountable as you cement your new habit while you return the favor.

So we stopped just chatting about Python and took action. datetime(year=2016, month=12, day=19) PyBites was born. Our five pillars are: articles, news, (live) code challenges, video courses and '100 Days Of' projects:

We are strong believers in Learning Python by Coding for Yourself so we will have you hitting the ground running in no time by building projects. We have you challenging yourself which will make you come out stronger. You might even be surprised by what you are capable of. But for all the hard work we always try to add an element of fun :)

prepare to write a lot of code and challenge yourself


Here are some articles and code challenges to break the ice:


Programming is all about people, whether it be fellow developers who read your code or the consumers of your products. We place a high value on our PyBites as well as the greater Python community.

bob + julian + community == pybites

If you are doing our challenges, you like this effort or you want to collaborate, send us an email with a request to join our community on Slack. We also recommend you sign up for our newsletter where you will receive a monthly update talking more Python with you.

You can also reach out via: Twitter / Github / Facebook

and yes, like most coders we love coffee

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian