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Linting with Flake8

Posted by Julian on Tue 08 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with python, beginner, learning, examples, code, linking, flake8 • 6 min read

What the heck is linting? Let's dive into the concept and talk about how flake8 can help us make our code better.

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PyCon Australia 2019

Posted by Julian on Mon 05 August 2019 in PyCon • Tagged with conference, pycon, learning, community, networking • 6 min read

PyCon Australia 2019 was bigger and better than I could have imagined. Here are my takeaways.

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Why whiteboard interviews suck and what we’re doing about it.

Posted by Julian on Wed 05 June 2019 in CodeChallenges • Tagged with CodeChallenges, platform, whiteboard interviews, exercises, recruiting, recruitment • 5 min read

Whiteboard Interviews are a thing of a past. Introducing the CodeChallenges Recruiting Tier. Time to interview for programming roles the right way.

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Persistent Virtualenv Environment Variables with python-dotenv

Posted by Julian on Sat 06 October 2018 in packages • Tagged with Python, tips, virtualenv, virtual-environment, packages, env, learning, howto • 3 min read

In this article I'm going to show you how to declare persistent environment variables in Python Virtual Environments with python-dotenv.

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PyCon 2018 - My First PyCon

Posted by Julian on Sat 19 May 2018 in PyCon • Tagged with conference, pycon, learning, community, networking • 6 min read

Going into my first PyCon was pretty daunting. Luckily, the Python community is absolutely incredible so my fears quickly faded. Surprisingly, there was a lot to gain that wasn't actually technical or code related. Read on for a recap of the experience.

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Hiding BCC Recipients in Python MIME Emails

Posted by Julian on Wed 06 September 2017 in Tools • Tagged with python, tips, tricks, code, pybites, email, automation, MIME, bcc • 2 min read

How to actually hide the BCC recipients when sending an email with Python MIME.

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Learning Flask v Learning Django

Posted by Julian on Wed 16 August 2017 in Learning • Tagged with Django, 100DaysOfDjango, Flask, python, beginner, learning • 4 min read

An article on my experience learning Flask and Django.

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PyBites Module of the Week - Pexpect

Posted by Julian on Thu 27 July 2017 in Modules • Tagged with python, tips, code, pybites, pexpect, automation • 3 min read

A brief overview of the pexpect module

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Step-by-Step Guide on Deploying a Simple Flask App to Heroku

Posted by Julian on Fri 21 July 2017 in Flask • Tagged with Flask, python, beginner, sessions, learning, code, Heroku • 5 min read

A step-by-step guide on deploying a simple flask app to Heroku.

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The Importance of Refactoring Code

Posted by Julian on Thu 13 July 2017 in Concepts • Tagged with python, beginner, learning, examples, code, refactoring • 4 min read

In this quick post I discuss why refactoring code is one of the most important parts of the learning process.

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