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Why Python is so popular in Devops?

Posted by Rhys Powell on Mon 25 June 2018 in DevOps • Tagged with guest, devops, deployment, scripting, netaddr, data visualization, sysadmin, automation • 3 min read

Along with the growth of Python for developers in the machine learning and data science space, Python is also a growing language for devops / in the ops tooling side. In this article Rhys will explain why that is ...

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Pushing the Packt "free book of the day" to the world with Scrapy and Alexa

Posted by Rhys Powell on Thu 31 May 2018 in Tools • Tagged with guest, Alexa, Scrapy, web scraping, Packt, books • 6 min read

I have a love of the goodies that you get as part of the developer rewards from submitting Alexa skills to Amazon. Another thing that I also love is the fact that Packt gives away a free book. What I always forget to do is look at what today’s book is and what I didn’t have was a lot of time to meet this month's deadline for app submission. Why not combine them both?

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