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Under the Hood: Python Comparison Breakdown

Posted by AJ Kerrigan on Sun 27 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with guest, learning, dis, precedence, chaining • 5 min read

Use Python's "dis" module to see how Python evaluates two similar comparison operations.

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PyCon ES 2019 Alicante Highlights

Posted by Bob on Wed 09 October 2019 in PyCon • Tagged with pycon, conference, learning, django, community, katas, marvel, coffee, rasa, chatbots, IoT, data artist, data visualization, pycamp, opensource, hacktoberfest, astronomy • 6 min read

Last weekend it was Pycon time again, my 6th one so far. This time closer to home: Alicante. I had an awesome time, meeting a lot of nice people, watching interesting talks and getting inspired overall to keep learning more Python. In this post I share 10 highlights, but keep in mind this is a selection only, there are quite a few more talks I want to check out once they appear on Youtube ...

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Linting with Flake8

Posted by Julian on Tue 08 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with python, beginner, learning, examples, code, linking, flake8 • 6 min read

What the heck is linting? Let's dive into the concept and talk about how flake8 can help us make our code better.

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Code Challenge 64 - PyCon ES 2019 Marvel Challenge

Posted by PyBites on Fri 04 October 2019 in Challenge • Tagged with code challenge, challenges, data analysis, pycon, Marvel, data visualization, story telling, hacktoberfest • 3 min read

Hey Pythonistas, this weekend is Pycon ES and in the unlikely event you get bored, you can always do some coding with PyBites. Two more good reasons to do so: 1. there are prizes / giveaways, 2. your PRs count towards Hacktoberfest (t-shirt). Fire up your editors and let's get coding!

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How I Followed my Heart, Conquered Fear and Became a Public Speaker

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Wed 04 September 2019 in Learning • Tagged with public speaking, meetups, community, imposter syndrome, talks, soft skills • 6 min read

In this guest post Mridu shares with us how she got into public speaking, conquering fear and imposter syndrome. What did she learn? And what does she recommend for people starting out? Let's hear from Mridu!

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How to Cleanup S3 Objects and Unittest it

Posted by Giuseppe Cunsolo on Mon 02 September 2019 in Testing • Tagged with AWS, S3, freezegun, moto, boto3, testing, APIs, paginator, mock • 2 min read

In this guest post Giuseppe shares what he learned having to cleanup a large number of objects in an S3 bucket. He introduces us to some boto3 as well as moto and freezegun he used to test his code. Enter Giuseppe ...

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Code Challenge 63 - Automatically Generate Blog Featured Images

Posted by PyBites on Mon 02 September 2019 in Challenge • Tagged with code challenge, challenges, web scraping, images, selenium, automation, material design, file handling, zipfile • 3 min read

Hey Pythonistas, in this new blog code challenge you are going to use selenium to automatically generate some cool featured images for PyBites. Have fun!

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PyCon Australia 2019

Posted by Julian on Mon 05 August 2019 in PyCon • Tagged with conference, pycon, learning, community, networking • 6 min read

PyCon Australia 2019 was bigger and better than I could have imagined. Here are my takeaways.

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Code Challenge 62 - Women @ Pycon ES

Posted by PyBites on Fri 12 July 2019 in Challenge • Tagged with code challenge, challenges, web scraping, data analysis, pycon, API, Python Alicante, PyDay, community • 3 min read

Hey Pythonistas, in this special live Alicante PyDay challenge you will analyze Pycon speaker data, do we see more women going on stage? Enjoy!

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The First Step in Contributing to Open Source Projects

Posted by Marc Falzon on Thu 20 June 2019 in Learning • Tagged with guest, learning, open source • 4 min read

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open source but weren't sure how to get started? Marc found himself in just that situation. Sometimes it all comes down to taking that first step.

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