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Productivity Mondays - a Simple yet Effective System

Posted by Bob on Mon 23 March 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, time management, sales, Chet Holmes, procrastination, focus, planning, Parkinson's law, Brian Tracy, email • 2 min read

There is just too much stuff out there when it comes to being more productive. I am reading The Ultimate Sales Machine (Chet Holmes) and it offers what is probably the most concise time management system I have seen so far.

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4 Common Mistakes When Learning Python and Programming

Posted by Bob on Thu 19 March 2020 in Learning • Tagged with python, software, developer, pythonic, design, career, productivity, comfort zone • 3 min read

How are you progressing with your Python? What could be holding you back? I gave it some thought and identified 4 issues we commonly see that hold people back from becoming a proficient Pythonista and programmer.

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How to Debug a Hanging Test Using pytest

Posted by Bob on Wed 18 March 2020 in Testing • Tagged with testing, debugging, pytest, pytest-timeout, APIs, tricks, learning, requests, pip, time • 3 min read

Today a wanted to share a neat trick that might save you some headache: debugging a hanging test.

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Productivity Mondays - Tips from Adam Grant

Posted by Bob on Mon 16 March 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, motivation, email, maker schedule, timferriss, time management, attention, uncomfortable, career • 2 min read

In this week's post a quick digest of Adam Grant's interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast.

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Productivity Mondays - Break Fear to Boost Productivity

Posted by Julian on Mon 09 March 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, motivation, mindset, fear • 4 min read

Another week, another edition of Productivity Mondays! This week I'm looking at how fear can help you be more productive and, no I don't mean the fear of not delivering on time... although that is a good motivator right? Actually no, that's a terrible motivator. This is all about empowering you to break down fear barriers by getting uncomfortable then using that as a motivator to kick some goals!

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Productivity Mondays - What Can You Do Consistently This Week?

Posted by Bob on Mon 02 March 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, lead, lag, lagging indicators, leading indicators, performance, exercise, confidence, control • 3 min read

Last week I learned about lagging and leading indicators and why it's important to focus on the latter.

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How to Write a Guest Article for PyBites

Posted by Cedric Sambre on Wed 26 February 2020 in Tools • Tagged with guest posting, blogging, contribution, PyBites, git, Github, pull request, fork • 3 min read

Hello Everybody! In this article I'll run through the procedure of using git and github to submit a guest article to PyBites.

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Productivity Mondays - Are You Producing Enough Value? 5 Tips to Boost Your Deep Work

Posted by Bob on Mon 24 February 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, focus, deep work, distraction, procrastination, mindset • 3 min read

Here is another edition of Productivity Mondays geared towards getting you closer towards your goals. This weekend I picked up Deep work again. Every time I read it is a revelation. The better you manage your time, the more successful you will become. It all comes down to the amount of value you can produce. And for that deep work is essential.

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Talking to API's and goodlooking tools

Posted by Cedric Sambre on Mon 24 February 2020 in Learning • Tagged with click, rest, requests, API, win10toast, directorywatcher, pywin32 • 13 min read

I recently ran into a tool called VTScan that uses the VirusTotal API to scan a file and print the results. I figured I could write the same, and add some functionality!

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Productivity Mondays - 5 tips that will boost your performance

Posted by Bob on Mon 17 February 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, career, follow up, time audit, mindset, email, ask, procrastination • 2 min read

The following things are relatively easy to do, but also easy not to do. Do them consistently and they can change your career and life.

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