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The Pythonic Fast Lane, Digest of a 30 Min Mentoring Session

Posted by Bob on Wed 12 February 2020 in Coaching • Tagged with mentoring, developer mindset, requests, APIs, environment variables, kwargs, f-strings, pdb • 3 min read

The other day I had an awesome mentoring session with a beginner Pythonista, amazing what 30 min of screen sharing can do. Read on to learn more ...

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Introduction to Python Functions

Posted by Julian on Tue 11 February 2020 in Learning • Tagged with learning, code, programming, python, functions, beginners • 4 min read

In this article I'm going to break down what a function is and how you can use them to be a better coder.

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Productivity Mondays - How to Instantly Save 2-3 Hours a Day

Posted by Bob on Mon 10 February 2020 in Leadership • Tagged with productivity, Pareto, Parkinson's law, 80/20, 4hww, Ferriss, efficient, effective • 2 min read

imagine what an extra 2-3 hours a day can give you. Reading consistently for an hour a day in your field can change your career for the better. An hour of Python coding a day can land you a developer job over time. What about spending more time with your family?

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Exploring the Mutpy Library and How PyBites Uses it to Verify Test Code

Posted by Harrison Morgan on Sun 09 February 2020 in Testing • Tagged with guest, mutpy, pytest, coverage, bites of py, platform, mutants • 8 min read

A while back we launched our Test Bites. In this follow up article Harrison explains the MutPy mutation testing tool in depth and how we use it to verify test code on our platform. Enter Harrison.

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There's no Wrong Way... to Eat a Bite of Py

Posted by AJ Kerrigan on Wed 27 November 2019 in Tips • Tagged with guest, pybites, platform, REPL, virtualenv, learning, tips, editors, setup, ptpython, bpython, mutpy, Anaconda, iPad • 4 min read

There are many ways to tackle a Bites of Py exercise, try them all!

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From Webscraper to Wordcloud

Posted by Cedric Sambre on Wed 27 November 2019 in Learning • Tagged with Scraping, BeautifulSoup, NLP, SpaCy, WordCloud, python3.7, webscraping, data, cookiewall, error handling, ajax • 6 min read

After going through the web scraping learning paths, I decided to get my hands dirty and apply my freshly gathered knowledge on a real life project. I explain some difficulties you might encounter while scraping and I also show some libraries that can help you visualizing data you have obtained.

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You can now hone your testing / pytest skills on our platform

Posted by Bob on Mon 18 November 2019 in Testing • Tagged with pytest, platform, feature, mutpy, mutation testing, fizzbuzz, fibonacci • 6 min read

Writing test code is an essential skill. As PyBites we believe writing code is the only solution to becoming a master (Ninja) at programming. The same applies to test code. For that reason we extended our regular exercises with Test Bites. In this article you will read about the feature showcasing it on our first ever Test Bite. We also share some details around implementation and a challenge we hit getting it to work. Enjoy and start honing your testing skills today!

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Under the Hood: Python Comparison Breakdown

Posted by AJ Kerrigan on Sun 27 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with guest, learning, dis, precedence, chaining • 5 min read

Use Python's "dis" module to see how Python evaluates two similar comparison operations.

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PyCon ES 2019 Alicante Highlights

Posted by Bob on Wed 09 October 2019 in PyCon • Tagged with pycon, conference, learning, django, community, katas, marvel, coffee, rasa, chatbots, IoT, data artist, data visualization, pycamp, opensource, hacktoberfest, astronomy • 6 min read

Last weekend it was Pycon time again, my 6th one so far. This time closer to home: Alicante. I had an awesome time, meeting a lot of nice people, watching interesting talks and getting inspired overall to keep learning more Python. In this post I share 10 highlights, but keep in mind this is a selection only, there are quite a few more talks I want to check out once they appear on Youtube ...

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Linting with Flake8

Posted by Julian on Tue 08 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with python, beginner, learning, examples, code, linking, flake8 • 6 min read

What the heck is linting? Let's dive into the concept and talk about how flake8 can help us make our code better.

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