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From Webscraper to Wordcloud

Posted by Cedric Sambre on Wed 27 November 2019 in Learning • Tagged with Scraping, BeautifulSoup, NLP, SpaCy, WordCloud, python3.7, webscraping, data, cookiewall, error handling, ajax • 6 min read

After going through the web scraping learning paths, I decided to get my hands dirty and apply my freshly gathered knowledge on a real life project. I explain some difficulties you might encounter while scraping and I also show some libraries that can help you visualizing data you have obtained.

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How I Followed my Heart, Conquered Fear and Became a Public Speaker

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Wed 04 September 2019 in Learning • Tagged with public speaking, meetups, community, imposter syndrome, talks, soft skills • 6 min read

In this guest post Mridu shares with us how she got into public speaking, conquering fear and imposter syndrome. What did she learn? And what does she recommend for people starting out? Let's hear from Mridu!

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The First Step in Contributing to Open Source Projects

Posted by Marc Falzon on Thu 20 June 2019 in Learning • Tagged with guest, learning, open source • 4 min read

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open source but weren't sure how to get started? Marc found himself in just that situation. Sometimes it all comes down to taking that first step.

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Using Feedparser, Difflib and Plotly to Analyze PyBites Blog Tags

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Mon 29 January 2018 in Learning • Tagged with bots, code challenge, guest, Plotly, learning • 3 min read

I came across PyBites through a random retweet by some other Pythonista and was intrigued by the challenges Bob and Julian post. Learning cool things by building something always fascinated me so I love and enjoy contributing to the PyBites community through solving random challenges that I find interesting. Long story short I picked up PyBites Code Challenge 03 and am sharing my solution here.

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Learning Flask v Learning Django

Posted by Julian on Wed 16 August 2017 in Learning • Tagged with Django, 100DaysOfDjango, Flask, python, beginner, learning • 4 min read

An article on my experience learning Flask and Django.

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From Challenge to Project - How I Made PyTrack, Learning Modules and Packaging

Posted by Martin Uribe on Fri 07 July 2017 in Learning • Tagged with challenges, guest, PyTrack, packaging, peewee, click, maya, learning • 6 min read

This is a guest post by Martin, a passionate Pythonista who turns our code challenges into cool projects. In this article he describes his process of building pyTrack, a simple task time tracker. Not only did he learn various Python modules - PeeWee, Maya and Click - he also stunned us delivering a project with great documentation and properly packaged code.

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From Script to Project - Packaging Your Code in Python

Posted by Bob on Sat 01 July 2017 in Learning • Tagged with packaging, modules, init, imports, refactoring, karma, Twitter • 3 min read

This week's article is about packaging your Python code. Sounds daunting? Actually it is pretty simple.

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How to Write a Python Subclass

Posted by Julian on Sat 17 June 2017 in Learning • Tagged with learning, code, programming, python, classes, beginners • 5 min read

In this article I cover Python subclasses and inheritance using a relatable code example scenario.

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How to Write a Python Class

Posted by Julian on Thu 25 May 2017 in Learning • Tagged with learning, code, programming, python, classes, beginners • 4 min read

In this post I cover learning Python classes by walking through one of our 100 days of code submissions.

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How to Create Your Own Steam Game Release Notifier

Posted by Julian on Fri 19 May 2017 in Learning • Tagged with learning, code, programming, python, sqlite3, xml, email, automation, tools, feedparser, game • 6 min read

In this post we demonstrate ways in which you can parse common data formats used in Python.

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