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How to Write a Decorator with an Optional Argument?

Posted by Bob on Tue 11 April 2017 in Tips • Tagged with decorators, arguments, tricks, tips, cookbook • 3 min read

When playing with decorators (this week's challenge) I got stuck: how do you write a decorator that takes an optional argument? Python cookbook 3rd ed edition to the rescue. In this post how I failed my way to the right solution.

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10 Tips to Get More out of Your Regexes

Posted by Bob on Wed 15 March 2017 in Tips • Tagged with regex, tips, parsing, regular expressions, findall • 5 min read

Regular expressions can be arcane, yet when used with care they can also be very powerful. In this post a couple of tips to get more out of your regexes when using Python's re module.

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How to Order Dict Output in Python

Posted by Julian on Thu 16 February 2017 in Tips • Tagged with python, tips, tricks, code, pybites, dicts, data structures • 6 min read

Learn how to order the output of a Python Dict

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Discover Python Help Options

Posted by Julian on Thu 02 February 2017 in Tips • Tagged with python, tips, tricks, code, pybites, help • 3 min read

Discover some of the numerous Python Help functions.

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