Code Challenge 03 - PyBites Blog Tag Analysis - Review

PyBites, Fri 27 January 2017, Challenges

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It's Friday again so we review the code challenge of this week. It's never late to join, just fork our challenges repo and start coding.

A possible solution

See here and commented below.

Some learnings:

Code challenges != Python's 'preferably only one way'

We know '>>> import this' says: "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it." and usually there is. Yet for our challenges we encourage people to be creative and not stick to the template + tests per se (we improve the code challenge format as we learn ...).

For example Jeffrey parses our feed directly in his solution with requests and BeautifulSoup not stripping off the dash. This is great addition to our solution, using PyPI whenever you can is recommended. Also by parsing the live feed he created us a tool to run this check every now and then (thanks Jeffrey). We like to see different solutions.

Any issues or feedback?

What did you learn this challenge? Feel free to share you code in the comments below.

How are you experiencing these challenges? You like the format? What can we do differently and/or better?


Monday we will be back with a fresh new challenge, stay tuned ...

Again to start coding fork our challenges repo or sync it if you already forked it.

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