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Code Challenge 09 - The With Statement and Context Managers

Posted by PyBites on Mon 06 March 2017 in Challenges • 1 min read

This week, each one of you has a homework assignment ... - Tyler Durden (Fight club)

A new week, time for some coding!

This week we have a free form exercise. After reading Dan's great article on the with statement we thought it would be cool to ask our PyBites community to come up with creative uses of the with statement. This week you get to implement your own Context Manager.

You can either:

  • Define a class implementing the __enter__ and __exit__ methods. Dan shows an Indenter class as example in his article.

  • Use the nice @contextmanager decorator shortcut.

Have fun!

Other resources

To follow along with our challenges

Start coding by forking our challenges repo:

$ git clone

If you already forked it sync it:

assuming using ssh key
$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream
# if not on master:
$ git checkout master
$ git merge upstream/master
$ cd 09
# open (just a blank file for this challenge)code

Remember: there is no best solution, only learning more/ better Python. We're looking forward reviewing our and your solutions end of this week. Good luck and have fun!

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