Code Challenge 10 - Build a Hangman Game

PyBites, Mon 13 March 2017, Challenges

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This week, each one of you has a homework assignment ... - Tyler Durden (Fight club)

Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding!

This week we are going to code the well-known Hangman game.

We think this is a nice challenge because you have to think about design, iteration, working with various data structures, keep state (class?), etc.

We provide you with some graphs and the topic will be movies: you get a top 100 of movies in a text file and code to load them into your program.

For the rest we kept the template pretty empty to not force you too much into one direction.

Of course if you have questions use the comments below. End of this week we discuss our solution and we hope we all learn a lot from each other.


To follow along with our challenges

To keep it 'DRY' we abstracted the instructions out into an page in our repo, see here. New or returning visitor, you should have all you need to get up and running.

And remember: there is no best solution, only learning more/ better Python. We're looking forward reviewing our and your solutions end of this week. Good luck and have fun!

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Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian

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