Code Challenge 11 - Generators for Fun and Profit - Review

PyBites, Sat 25 March 2017, Challenges

code review, codechallenges, Counter, glob, learning, regex, yield

It's end of the week again so we review the code challenge of this week: Generators for Fun and Profit. It's never late to join, just fork us and start coding.

Our solution + learning

This was a pretty easy one, yet showing a powerful way to start thinking about generators as pipelines that can be plugged into each other.

Our solution is here. A couple of notes:

Community branch

We got our first solution PR which we merged onto our community branch. This is a nice way to get credit and help our community learn more.

The solution was pretty similar to ours. One nice addition was to sort manually on both values and keys, most_common only sorts by values. Also the regex part was slightly different stripping off import with re.sub. It is nice to see different solutions to the same problem, you learn more.


Next week we do another game, so we expect some more complexity and variety in solutions. Stay tuned ...

Do you like these challenges?

We hope you are enjoying this. If we can do anything better or you have ideas please open a new issue or reach out to us. See you next week ...

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