Code Challenge 12 - Build a Tic-tac-toe Game - Review

PyBites, Sat 01 April 2017, Challenges

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It's end of the week again so we review the code challenge of this week: Build a Tic-tac-toe Game. It's never late to join, just fork us and start coding.

Our solution and learning

You can find our solution here. This was great learning! Here are some highlights:

Again our full solution is here. Let us know if you have any questions or if you spot anything we could have done better.


Here are some other ways to do it: from our community branch (remember you can submit code by PR!) and via reddit comment). Reading other solutions to the same problem (as well as coding styles) is a great way to learn.

Stay tuned

Next week you will train your data analysis skills by parsing a movie data set. It will be fun :)

We hope you are enjoying these challenges, learning along the way. Let us know if you have any issue and/or contact us if you want to submit a cool challenge. See you next week ...