Code Challenge 17 - Never Miss a Good Podcast - Review

PyBites, Sun 07 May 2017, Challenges

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It's end of the week again so we review the code challenge of this week: Never Miss a Good Podcast. It's never late to join, just fork us and start coding.


Wow, this challenge led to some great learning! We got 3 Pull Requests (PRs) which we just merged into our Community branch. Don't want to miss your favorite podcast anymore? Here are some solutions that get you started:

Best way to learn is to play around with these projects doing a git pull of the Community branch.

Again we really enjoyed these nice solutions and we are pumped to deliver more challenges so you can learn by building cool stuff.

Let us know if you have any issue and/or contact us if you want to submit a cool challenge. See you next week ...

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian