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Code Challenge 19 - Post to Your Favorite API - Review

Posted by PyBites on Mon 22 May 2017 in Challenges • 2 min read

This week was pretty busy due to PyCon, but what an amazing conference! A lot to absorb which we will digest in the upcoming articles. First our regular schedule though: review of last week's challenge: post to your favorite API.


Before we dive in just to say we are absolutely stoked about the positive feedback we got engaging with fellow Pythonistas at PyCon this week! People got excited about the code challenges: the fact it stretches fellow programmers and the way they can submit their work via PR. So we definitely keep using this format for now. Do reach out though if you have any feedback or want to submit a code challenge / share your ideas, they are more than welcome. Thanks.

Our solutions

Here are some scripts that POST to APIs all taken from our 100 Days of Code repo:


This week we will dive into Object Oriented Programming. We will set up a nice free-form challenge to let you experiment with classes, inheritance and more. Stay tuned ...

Now is better than never.

We hope you are having fun with these challenges. Remember there is no deadline, you can PR your code anytime. Just remember to isolate (branch) your changes and submit against our Community branch (as per instructions).

Come code with us forking our challenges repo. Have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian

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