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Code Challenge 28 - Integrate a Bokeh Chart Into Flask - Review

Posted by PyBites on Mon 24 July 2017 in Challenges • 1 min read

In this article we review last week's Integrate a Bokeh Chart Into Flask code challenge. We received some really nice submissions which we’ll share here.


  • mjhea0 went all out and wrote an app that displays the historical exchange rates for Bitcoin from numerous cryptocurrencies. The code is here.

    Mike's plot

  • clamytoe used some Anaconda with Python to display Dallas weather data from 1973 - 2016. Simple, awesome and seriously cool! (Pun intended!). The code is here.

    clamytoe's plot

  • shibasisp and asutosh97 wrote an incredible app that compares life expectancy, population or income of two countries. It does it on the fly as you select the two countries which rocks! Their code is here and here.

    shibasisp's plot

  • bbelderbos made a word count plot of our blog. Using Real Python's starter code was very helpful. I do want to build something more interactive using the movie data set provided for PCC13, also to practice deployment to Heroku. Bokeh is a really nice tool I definitely will use again for future visualization jobs Code is here.

    bbelderbos' plot


We are 2 weeks into learning Django (our second 100 Days project) so it's about time to dedicate a code challenge to it, no? Stay tuned ... starting tomorrow you can get your hands dirty with Django!

By the way there is no deadline to these challenges, you can start any challenge at any time. We can always update our review posts with new PRs.

Follow our instructions and start coding. Have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian

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