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Code Challenge 36 - Create an AWS Lambda Function - Review

Posted by PyBites on Tue 03 October 2017 in Challenges • 1 min read

In this article we review last week's Create an AWS Lambda Function code challenge.


  • mjhea0: for this challenge, I created a tutorial that details how to use AWS Lambda and API Gateway to create a code evaluation API. Live demo.

  • bbelderbos: as per Real Python's article I set up my Lambda function to receive payload via API Gateway. The lambda retrieves a PR number (id) via a POST request and retrieves the associated .py files via the GH API. It stores them in /tmp and runs PEP8 against them. If good it returns 'ok', else it shows the violations.

    TODOS: add a webhook for our Challenges repo to run this automatically. It would be nice to run unittests on test_*.py files. You could actually turn this into a simple CI which when done I will write an article about. Project here.


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-- Bob and Julian

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