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Code Challenge 38 - Build Your Own Hacktoberfest Checker With Bottle - Review

Posted by PyBites on Wed 01 November 2017 in Challenges • 1 min read

In this article we review last week's Build Your Own Hacktoberfest Checker With Bottle code challenge.


We had quite a few submissions, nice!

  • clamytoe: Martin wrote a simple script to check the status of your Hacktoberfest progress. Code is here. He did it on his iphone using Pythonista, cool!

  • kiniadit made with features: anonymous API access, opens localhost, checks PRs for a single username and returns Hacktoberfest progress. Code is here.

  • pweids: This is really hacked together. It's as simple as possible to complete the challenge. No glitz, glam, or stability. Code is here.

  • bbelderbos: Good workout using Bottle, Github API. TODO: write some pytests (mocking the API). Code is here.

We hope you persisted through #Hacktoberfest so you get your DigitalOcean's free T-shirt. If you do, send us a selfie :)

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian

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