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Code Challenge 40 - Daily Python Tip Part 1 - Make a Web App - Review

Posted by PyBites on Wed 01 November 2017 in Challenges • 1 min read

In this article we review last week's Daily Python Tip Part 1 - Make a Web App code challenge.


  • bbelderbos used Bottle again:

    This was a really cool project where I learned more about various modules. I also got to refactor it pretty well, adding pytests and scoring a 10 on BetterCodeHub. I would probably not have done it without raising the challenge.

    The repo is here and the app is hosted here.

    Update 11th of Dec 2017: this app led to a guest post on Real Python - check it out here for more details.

  • dseptem made a cool app using Apscheduler, Elasticsearch, Flask, and AngularJS!

    Easier than expected, but got kinda lazy on the AngularJS part =P. IMPORTANT: You need to have Elasticsearch running on localhost:9200 for this to work!

    The code is here.

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