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Code Challenge 51 - Analyse NBA Data with SQL/sqlite3

Posted by PyBites on Mon 17 September 2018 in Challenge • 2 min read

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Hey Pythonistas,

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Welcome to Pybites Code Challenge 51! In this challenge we get you analysing NBA player data from a CSV file.

The Challenge

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Now for the challenge:

  • Make a virtual env and install requests. No need to install sqlite3 as it's part of the stdlib.

  • Copy the file over to your subdirectory.

  • As you can see in the template file, we've given you a headstart by importing the data and parsing the CSV into a list of named tuples.

  • Start coding under the "#CODE HERE" comment and complete the 7 functions we've laid out for you.

  • Note that there are some assert statements under main to help you validate your code.

  • This challenge is mainly focused on sqlite3, but if you want to use an ORM like sqlalchemy or Pandas that's fine too.

PyBites Community

A few more things before we take off:

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  • PyBites is here to challenge you because becoming a better Pythonista requires practice, a lot of it. For any feedback, issues or ideas use GH Issues, tweet us or ping us on our Slack.

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