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Code Challenge 52 - Create your own Pomodoro Timer - Review

Posted by PyBites on Mon 01 October 2018 in Challenges • 2 min read

In this article we review last week's Create your own Pomodoro Timer code challenge.

Our review post / Hacktoberfest is back!

From now on we will merge our solution into our Community branch and include anything noteworthy here, because:

  • we are learning just like you, we are all equals :)

  • we need the PRs too ;) ... as part of Hacktoberfest No. 5 that just kicked of (5 PRs and you get a cool t-shirt)

Secondly we encourage you to send us a quotable blurb for our weekly review post (what you are reading now), see this new message on our platform's PR submit page:

be featured in our review post

Don't be shy, share your work!

Community Pull Requests

Check out the awesome PRs by our community for PCC52 (or from fork: git checkout community && git merge upstream/community):

Some cool stuff that got PR'd for this challenge: tkinter, argparse, pytest, wxPython, Django, awesome, no?!

Read Code for Fun and Profit

You can look at all submitted code here and/or pulling our Community branch.

Other learnings we spotted in Pull Requests for other challenges this week: collections, itertools, xml files, list comprehensions.

Thanks to everyone for your participation in our blog code challenges!

Keep the PRs coming, again specially this Hacktoberfest month!

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-- Bob and Julian

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