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Code Challenge 55 - #100DaysOfCode Curriculum Generator - Review

Posted by PyBites on Tue 23 October 2018 in Challenges • 2 min read

In this article we review last week's #100DaysOfCode Curriculum Generator code challenge.

Final reminder: Hacktoberfest

8 days left to have your PRs to our challenges repo count towards Hacktoberfest No. 5.

Community Pull Requests

Another 10+ PRs this week, cool!

Check out the awesome PRs by our community for PCC55 (or from fork: git checkout community && git merge upstream/community):


vipinreyo wrote a script that requests and parses our platform and collects meta data from our challenges and bites. From that list it will randomly create a task list for 100 days and return it as a JSON string.

danshorstein built 100 Days of Awesome Python. Using the Awesome Python repo it creates a curriculum of 100 days of python awesomeness. Each day you get a new library to explore. It started as a random selection, but he then wrote a second version to sort the libraries on the lowest number of stars so the libraries selected are lesser known.

bbelderbos made a #100DaysOfCode Reading Planner, a script that takes one or more book IDs from our reading list app which allowed him to put his curriculum to test starting his long desired #100DaysOfData.

PCC55 Lessons

I had fun with list comprehensions and JSON

Requests and Beautifulsoup are awesome.

The json part was easy, the complex part was how to evenly split 4 or 5 books over 100 days: some days you finish a book, but still have pages left (from "avg pages per day") you need to spend on the new book, going with generators / itertools.islice made this easier to accomplish, which was a great learning exercise.

Read Code for Fun and Profit

You can look at all submitted code here and/or on our Community branch.

Other learnings we spotted in Pull Requests for other challenges this week:

(PCC02) I had more practice with generators and itertools, learning how to use them effectively.

(PCC04) yield and Tweepy

(PCC14) More knowledge about decorators

(PCC42) I improved my regular expression skills, learning about capturing groups.

Thanks to everyone for your participation in our blog code challenges! Keep the PRs coming and include a with one or more screenshots if you want to be featured in this weekly review post.

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-- Bob and Julian

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