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Code Challenge 56 - Calculate the Duration of a Directory of Audio Files - Review

Posted by PyBites on Tue 30 October 2018 in Challenges • 2 min read

In this article we review last week's Calculate the Duration of a Directory of Audio Files code challenge.

Hacktoberfest almost over

The last two days of Hacktoberfest No. 5! Wrap up your PRs!

Community Pull Requests

Another 14 PRs this week, cool!

$ git pull origin community
 * branch            community  -> FETCH_HEAD
   6ac949d..8eec5f9  community  -> origin/community
Updating 6ac949d..8eec5f9
 25 files changed, 1854 insertions(+)

Check out the awesome PRs by our community for PCC56 (or from fork: git checkout community && git merge upstream/community):

PCC56 Lessons

I learned how to use python os module to get all files(mp3, m4a, mp4) of a given directory. Also, I learned how to use Mutagen module to get files info such as durations in seconds and bitrate. In the future, I would like to use pathlib module as an alternative to os

Got to utilize pathlib, and isinstance for type checking.

Equated with subprocess, datetime, csv libraries.

Refreshed my memory on pandas and glob, these are not something I get to use everyday.

Learned new mp3 metadata library (eyeD3), learned dataclasses, and got better at using os.

Practiced with subprocess (call and parse external ffmpeg binary), calculate with datetimes, glob.glob to list files in a directory. Another nice refresher: "how to have this script in my PATH": I put it in ~/bin (already in my $PATH) + chmod 755 + added a bang (#!/usr/bin/env python)

Read Code for Fun and Profit

You can look at all submitted code here and/or on our Community branch.

Other learnings we spotted in Pull Requests for other challenges this week:

(PCC01) Learned about rstrip and the use of dictionary get to set a default value.

(PCC02) Learned about list extend and itertools.permutations.

(PCC20) Learned how to use inheritance, class properties with the property decorator, some error handling, and using magic methods for printing and comparing.

(PCC42) Learned a few extra re tricks

(PCC51) Learned SQL

Thanks to everyone for your participation in our blog code challenges! Keep the PRs coming and include a with one or more screenshots if you want to be featured in this weekly review post.

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-- Bob and Julian

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