Code Challenge 57 - Analyze Olympic Games Data With Pandas - Review

PyBites, Fri 09 November 2018, Challenges

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In this article we review last week's Analyze Olympic Games Data With Pandas code challenge.

Community Pull Requests

Another 12 PRs this week, cool!

[[email protected] challenges (community)]$ git pull origin community
 * branch            community  -> FETCH_HEAD
   028277e..3873c66  community  -> origin/community
Updating 028277e..3873c66
 45 files changed, 37652 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Check out the awesome PRs by our community for PCC57 (or from fork: git checkout community && git merge upstream/community):

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You can look at all submitted code here and/or on our Community branch.

Here are the Pythonic learnings we spotted in Pull Requests made during the last week:


Learned about difflib SequenceMatcher and collections Counter. - PR


I finally worked with an API in python, I found little more information about working of unittests, got to know little more about CSV module. - PR


learned about the IP address lookup API - PR

I learn how to make http request to remote database (in this project used RIPE DB) and how to parse JSON output from DB - PR

Learned how to use PRAW module to interact with Reddit API. Managed to get the top topic submissions per valid subreddit topic. - PR


I learned how to use PyQt5, python GUI framework. I managed to get familiar on views events, especially on click. Also, managed to play with PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets to load a webpage of a given URL - PR


Gained more experience representing datetime objects as strings in the format I want them, used error handling to make my code more concise, and found the useful string method splitlines() which gives a list of all strings separated by newlines. I can easily insert an element into the list and then reform the list into file contents. This is much easier than parsing through a string of all the file contents to find a certain location. - PR


Nice one to get back into Pandas, this helped: - still some work to be done like merging countries and more plotting, but moving on for now. - PR

Definitely. Learned that I still have a lot to learn about Pandas :) - PR

The Git was the most challenging part - but good practice! I got a little distracted trying to solve new problems. - PR

Thanks to everyone for your participation in our blog code challenges! Keep the PRs coming and include a with one or more screenshots if you want to be featured in this weekly review post.

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