How to create a nice-looking HTML page of your Kindle book highlights (notes)

Bob, Tue 27 December 2016, Tools

bookcision, books, generators, html, json, kindle, Template strings

Kindle notes

I was looking at an effective way to organize my Kindle highlights. I started looking at parsing the Kindle's My Clippings.txt file. However I had not much luck with existing PyPi modules and it is a bit cumbersome to always have to manually copy it via USB cable.

Starting point: Cloud + Bookcision

Then I found a much better starting point: = cloud. OK, this only works for Kindle purchased books, but using Amazon's Whispersync really makes this convenient. Also, the Kindle site lets you filter / adjust your highlights and notes before exporting.

For export I use the nice Bookcision JS bookmarklet which - when used in Chrome - gives you the ability to dowload the highlights JSON format.


I wrote a script to convert the Bookcision JSON download into a static HTML page (for blog use, inspired by Sivers).

Code is here.

Some things to note:

Note the 'yield' makes get_highlights() a generator. If this is new, check out this SO thread about Iterables -> Generators -> Yield [1]


Here is what an output looks like:

resulting html page

As the HTML contains everything you can just copy it to your blog, example.

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob

[1] Generators save memory by not materializing the values of an iterable in memory = better performance. Here we don't really need that, yet I stil find the yield syntax more elegant (it's shorter) than building and returning a local collection (list).

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