Watch Me Code - Solving Bite 21. Query a Nested Data Structure

Bob, Sat 14 July 2018,

beginner, bites of py, data structures, dict, dictionary comprehension, list, list comprehension, sum, video

I recorded a video solving Bite 21. Query a nested data structure. The exercise presents us with a dictionary of car manufacturers and their corresponding car models. We will extract various bits and pieces from it as well as sort the nested model lists. This is a common type of data structure so specially for a beginner it is important to have this become second nature. Prepare to learn more about looping, some string operations, and list / dict comprehensions.


Before watching the solution video, we highly encourage you to follow this promo link and try it yourself. Seriously, you learn n times more by having tried it yourself and comparing your solution to ours or via the Bite Forum feature (see at the end of the video). Enjoy!

Ready for the solution?



If you are stuck and don't want to use the solution button - after all this would deduct points (unless it's an Intro Bite) - you can ask for help using our #codechallenges Slack channel. To join our Slack confirm your email on our platform, then opt-in to Slack under Settings.

What did you learn?

Where there other insights you got while doing this Bite exercise? We hope to salute you on the platform and Slack. And remember ...

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob

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