There is NO Competition, Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Bob, Thu 04 March 2021, Mindset

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The sure way to feel less fulfilled and increase imposter syndrome?

Comparing yourself to others.

Don't do it, just don't.

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There will always be better developers and it's a myth you have to be in the top x% to call yourself a developer.

It's just not true. You bring UNIQUE and valuable skills to the table that go far beyond just Python skills.

You can become very good at something if you start focusing on your OWN journey.

Even if you think everything has been done/invented (which is another myth: did you know that ice cream preceded the cone for millennia?)

Whatever you do will have your unique stamp on it. And people will appreciate that.

When we built our coding platform we deliberately ignored all the other amazing solutions out there (Codewars, LeetCode, HackerRank, etc).

It would have demotivated us from the start or worse: we would just have built a lame / inferior copy.

No! We focused building ours the PyBites way making it Pythonic and focusing on getting people great results.

And it's now been doing that for years. That would not have happened though if we got in the comparison game!

Remember, your only competitor is your yesterday's self.

Focus on what you can control. Become the best version of yourself.

-- Bob

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