We Challenge You: Code for 100 Days Straight ...

Your Python will never be the same again!

Because only ONE thing matters in becoming proficient in Python and that is to WRITE a lot of code, consistently!

We are #100DaysOfCode survivors ourselves. This challenge was one of the best things we did in our PyBites journey and for our careers.

We persisted through and 100 days later we realized we had built a ton of useful apps and scripts. Actual usable code we could leverage in our day-to-day projects and work.

And along the way we picked up a ton of Python concepts and libraries. It just became naturally.

You can hear us share our journey here:

What to code?

Filling 100 days with coding can be daunting!

What to work on? What NOT to work on?

After mentioned podcast we partnered up with Talk Python Training and produced the #100DaysOfCode in Python Course.

our first 100 days of code course

It got quite some traction so we decided to do another round, focusing on Web Development, which led to the #100DaysOfWeb in Python Course.

our second 100 days of code course

To learn more about this course / journey listen to this episode:

If you are self directed, need some structure and are willing to code a little every day, then these courses are for you.

You will hit the ground running and learn a ton of Python in a relatively short amount of time.

How our community experiences our 100 Days of Code courses:

Thanks to @bbelderbos @_juliansequeira and @mkennedy for creating a great course that makes it easy to stay committed. @pybites @talkpython #100DaysOfCode
Now on to #100DaysOfWeb

— Torsten Schmidt (@toschmidt) March 4, 2021

Day 100: I completed the 100 Days of Code in Python course by @pybites @talkpython! https://t.co/nohcrvcrpT #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone

It was excellent challenge. Congratulations for me :)
Today time for freestyle. Thanks for all. Keep calm & continue coding...

— Alexey Sidorov (@a1ex_ve9an) January 5, 2019

Day 100: I completed the 100 Days of Code in Python course by @pybites @talkpython! https://t.co/24ACsAUKtL #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone I looked back on all the stuff I have done and tweaked some of my old code to make it better. This was lots of fun. Thanks

— Michael (@MichaelisToast) January 31, 2019

I definitely learned a lot! I sort of went a bit overkill in some areas and now have some tech debt to resolve, but all good! To celebrate I am going to a local talk tonight rather than sit at a computer

— Steven H (@secdevthing) June 29, 2018

Day 100: I completed the 100 Days of Code in Python course by @pybites @talkpython! https://t.co/aCQosdx7os #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone - It's been an incredible ride! Way longer than 100 days but I'm done :)

— Pining for the Liberal Old School (@feoh) October 14, 2019

Day 100: #100DaysOfCode progress: today I completed the 100 Days of Web in #Python course by @pybites @talkpython! https://t.co/DlJQk94bVJ #milestone

Big Thank you to @pybites @TalkPython @bbelderbos @juliansequeira @mkennedy pic.twitter.com/sxGExURLyV

— Nitin George Cherian (@nitin_cherian) October 28, 2019

Day 100: This is it! Used the last day to generate a new word cloud that exemplifies my company's values. I feel really good about the last 100 days, and I plan to jump right back into it, dedicating my time to learn Flask. @pybites @talkpython! #Python #milestone

— Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM) December 7, 2019

Day 100: #100DaysOfCode I can't believe it's been 100 days straight! I didn't think I'd stick it out as I've picked up coding and put it down so many times in the past... but this course really got me to keep going. I ended off w/ some Flask @pybites @talkpython #milestone

— Joseph M (@jos3ph_m) November 8, 2019

Day 100.1: Huge thanks to Bob & Julian @pybites and Michael @talkpython for putting together a superb course syllabus! https://t.co/kobSjfGVvu #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone

— Anthlis (@Anthlis) July 16, 2019

Day 100: #100DaysOfCode progress: today I completed the 100 Days of Web in #Python course by @pybites @talkpython! I learned SO much and can't thank @ pybites and @ talkpython enough! https://t.co/Bsi5hjW8wU #milestone #finished

— Ryan Cheley (@ryancheley) August 11, 2019

Been coding python on and off since 2000. But life changes. wanted to do it daily. This was a shitload of work between life/work. #fun
Day 100: I completed the 100 Days of Code in Python course by @pybites @talkpython! https://t.co/4drSfZbXUz #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone

— Andrew Angelopoulos (@aangelop) March 14, 2020

Day 100: πŸ₯³ I completed the 100 Days of Code in Python course by πŸ’™ @pybites @talkpython πŸ’™! https://t.co/t2NNmXay0r #100DaysOfCode #Python #milestone
everyone welcome! no age or anything! non alcoholic drinks πŸ˜‡
πŸ€”drinking and planning next πŸ’―πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ’™ pic.twitter.com/adQbgEpFZ3

— Taz (@devtazv2) July 6, 2018

Thanks, Julian. While a lot of the database work will probably be the most useful for me, I think I had the most fun web scraping.

— David Lichacz (@DavidLichacz) July 26, 2018

I thought the course was very well done. Everyone did a great job at explaining the topics and they built on each other in an intuitive way. I am glad that I took the course and will have the material to reference for the future. Thanks for making this!

— John Barksdale (@OniwaBansho) January 6, 2019

Absolutely. It is an outstanding survey of Python with plenty of great projects. I learned a great deal in 100 days.

— Mike Fisher (@fisheranalytics) December 22, 2018

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