Code Python for 100 days straight

If one thing matters

... it is to write code. Consistently!

We are #100DaysOfCode survivors. This challenge was one of the best things we did in our PyBites journey and for our careers.

It all started hitting 100 days of our blog and we thought: let's celebrate with a challenge.

We persisted through and 100 days later we reflected on what we built: we learned a lot of new modules and had a ton of reusable code.

Hear us talk about the challenge on Episode 140 of Talk Python.

What to code?

Filling 100 days with coding can be really challenging! What to work on? What NOT to work on?

After mentioned podcast we got together with Mike and produced the #100DaysOfCode in Python.

first 100 days course

It got quite some traction so we decided to do another round focusing on web development: #100DaysOfWeb in Python.

second 100 days course

You can hear us talk about this course and what we learned on Episode 224 of Talk Python.

If you are a self directed and fast learner, you will hit the ground running with these courses.

100 Days of Code 100 Days of Web