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Welcome to PyBites, a blog lovingly created by mates Bob Belderbos and Julian Sequeira.

It serves as a medium for the two of them to document the lessons and concepts they learn as they delve into the wonderful world of Python. It's their hope that they'll be able to help other Python users along the way too!

So who are they?


  • Bob - experienced programmer.
  • Julian - relative newbie.
  • Bob + Julian == PyBites
  • Founded: 19th of December 2016 (that makes us days old)


this is bob

Bob began his programming journey in 2009. Completely self taught, he started by automating workflows with shell scripts. He eventually took the plunge and moved into Web Development using PHP and MySQL.

He tried Perl for a while but was eventually introduced to Python and has never looked back.

In Bob's words, "It's hard to beat Python for its elegance, conciseness and its great community. It's easy to learn and is widely used in web frameworks, data science, GUI, games, network programming and more".

Bob is currently a Software Developer at Oracle Spain working in Construction Engineering. When he's not hard at work for the Man or slaving away at PyBites, Bob can be found tinkering around with all manner of code and programming languages on his personal blog, or, of course, enjoying the good life with his family!

You can find more of Bob at his personal blog or on twitter @bbelderbos.


this is julian

Julian is relatively new to the coding game. While he first got a taste for it in high school learning C++, it wasn't until he crossed paths with Bob that he really got into it.

In the past 2-3 years he's gone from zero to something > zero! With HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and the basics of Javascript under his belt (and with the insistence of Bob), Julian made the move to Python in 2015. Since then he's been overwhelmed by the possibilities Python has to offer and has created small programs to simplify day to day life. These include an overtime calculator and a housekeeping app (don't ask!).

Julian is currently a Data Centre Technician at Amazon Web Services in Australia. When he's not keeping the AWS Cloud up and running, he spends his time with his family, playing the guitar or collaborating with Bob.

You can find more of Julian at his personal blog or on twitter @juliansequeira.

Bob + Julian == PyBites

bob + julian == pybites

These two handsome chaps first met while they worked at Sun Microsystems back in 2009. They quickly realised that their mutual enthusiasm for technology, programming and self development was unrivalled and have thus remained the best of friends.

While Bob is incredibly well versed and senior in the realms of programming, Julian has had his focus on Enterprise Hardware. In comparison he has only spent a minimal amount of time on coding.

It's this contrast in experience that they hope will make PyBites approachable to all. Bob will get in depth and quite technical while Julian aims to provide more of a lighter experience based on his learnings.

PyBites has been a long time coming for Julian and Bob and they're so very proud of it! They hope you enjoy it as much as they enjoy coding it.

Disclaimer: ideas expressed on this blog are our own and are in no way representative of our employers, both past and present.


We also have some awesome guests that post on the site from time to time, you can get to know them here.


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Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian