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So you know Python, you have written a fair bit of code, but you still feel like you "only" write scripts. Where to from here?

Do you want to:

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Bob and Julian at Pycon

You know what all these things have in common? They require highly practical, expert skills that you don't get from books or videos. You'll need real-world experience, to be held accountable to your goals, to be pushed outside of your comfort zone!

We deliver this much needed environment and strategy by coaching you through building mature apps you care about. What would normally take you years to learn we have condensed into months, seeing your first results in a matter of weeks.

You don't have to go it alone, start leveraging our experience.

Book a free call with us. We will help you get clarity in your Python journey, see what is holding you back and how we can best help you move forward.

Here is what our clients achieved ...

Robin B - Becoming a Succesful Python Developer / Data Scientist at an Energy Startup

meet Robin

The PyBites Developer Mindset Program has given me confidence and clarity in direction and allowed me to make life changing decisions regarding my career.

Julian and Bob helped me see that I was underappreciated in my job and was wasting my time there.

In a relatively short period of time I gained the Python and leadership skills, self-awareness and confidence I needed to become a successful Python developer / data scientist in an Energy Startup.

Alex K - Coded his Dream Project, Improved Python and Boosted Confidence

meet Alex

I had reached a point where I did not want to continue coding. I was faced with a choice: stay on the same level and go slow or get started on the bigger projects I always wanted to build.

I decided to do something bigger, but I did not know how to carry out the large parts of that project technically.

The PyBites Developer Mindset Program helped me push my experience to collaborate, choose the right custom framework and formulate my project drafts using real software design principles.

Julian and Bob not only guided me on what I needed to know but, as an unexpected bonus, taught me the skills and mindset I needed to be confident in myself and my coding ability.

The improvements to my Python and newfound self-confidence made in just a few weeks would have undoubtedly taken me 10 years to achieve without the coaching in this program.

Ben M - Accelerate Your Progress and Confidence

Piotr R - Becoming a Confident Django Web Developer

meet Piotr

I seriously improved my coding and software design skills through the PyBites Developer Mindset Program.

My biggest win was building 2 real world Django web apps from scratch (I was new to this framework), getting them to work end-to-end, then deploying them to Heroku.

The way we collaborated on Github as developers gave me a constant push and motivation to up my game. Sometimes I got uncomfortable but that was when I actually learned the most.

The skills I learned through this program seriously boosted my confidence and put me on the map to land a software developer job, which is taking my career to the next level (I'm now interviewing!)

Punit J - Becoming an Open Source Contributor

meet Punit

PyBites Developer Mindset has given me the technical knowledge, methodologies and confidence to pursue a career as a developer and contribute to open source.

This is something I always wanted to do but never knew where to start. The confidence I gained by building actual web applications allowed me to reach out to other developers and start contributing to an important open source project.

Daniel S - From Newbie to Confident Pythonista

meet Daniel

When I started the PyBites Developer Mindset Program I was a total newbie. When I saw people programming "like pros" on YouTube, I felt I would never be able to code like them.

Throughout the program though, I got up-to-speed with Python in record time. More importantly I became a critical thinker, developing a 360ยบ view of my coding skills and how I could become more valuable to my current employer and the market.

You can become a succesfull Python Developer