Code Challenges

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it. - Dennis Ritchie

We encourage you to join our Blog Code Challenges below because you learn so much more actually building working apps!

And we recommend you use our Code Challenge Platform* to work on them.

We do our best merging PRs into our repo's Community branch and we might highlight your PR in our review posts (soon a feature on our platform). We try to do a quick scan of your code but if you need a full code review contact us with specific questions.

* PyBites 1 Year Special - Taking Python Code Challenges to the Next Level ...

Need another format?

If you want to work on self-contained Python challenges, in the comfort of your browser, consider our Bites of Py challenges instead. Become a PyBites Ninja and learn a ton of Python!

If you want to get structured/daily practice consider signing up for the #100DaysOfCode using our platform. You will make a head start!

Enjoy and become a better Pythonista!

  >>> from pybites import Bob, Julian
  Keep Calm and Code in Python!