Create a team of proficient Pythonistas

PyBites Platform Enterprise Tier

Keep your team engaged with PyBites Code Challenges!

Coding daily in Python is key to keeping Python development skills sharp.

The PyBites Code Challenges Enterprise Tier is designed to ensure your team keeps their Python skill up by challenging them with 300+ Python exercises (Bites). The Bites can be taken adhoc or via curated Learning Paths.

Such a varied range of exercises will not only keep your team interested but will also expose them to the many facets of Python.

Coding in your environment likely has your developers focused on one aspect of Python with very limited opportunity to learn outside of that environment.

PyBites Code Challenges solves this problem by giving them that mental break they need to stay engaged and fresh.

If that isn't enough, then the leaderboard system will encourage them to code regularly in healthy competition against their peers.

It wouldn't be an Enterprise product though without metrics. The dashboard for the account owner displays progress of all licence holders allowing admins to see when accounts are being underutilised.

Get on the phone with us to talk about how PyBites Code Challenges can be used to inspire, grow and educate your development team now!