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On this page we maintain short bios of all the awesome folks that have been guest posting on our site (in order of appearance):

Martin Uribe

Martin is a ten year Army Veteran, turned Field Support Technician in the IT and Services Industry, who likes to code on the side to make his daily tasks easier. You can follow him on Twitter and GitHub.

Martin's posts.

Dante Septem

Dante describes himself as a Pythonista in the making, digital magician and complete fool. You can follow him on GitHub.

Dante's posts.

Michael Herman

Michael is a software engineer and educator who lives and works in the Denver/Boulder area. He started using Django in 2010 and is the co-founder/author of Real Python.

Michael's posts.

Martin Smith

Martin has been working in the IT Industry for 23 years and developed in a number of different languages. Most recently he has been taking more datacentric roles developing datawarehouses with SQL Server. He is learning Python now to add data science and machine learning to his tool belt.

Martin's posts.

Rodolfo Ferro

Rod is a math undergrad, a sci-tech enthusiast and a passionate for Python projects related with Computer Vision, Bots and a bit of ML. He is currently a GitHub Campus Expert and you can find him on Twitter and GitHub.

Rodolfo's posts.

Mridu Bhatnagar

Mridu has just started her professional career. Was introduced to Python by a kind Professor and been coding in Python at work and outside since. She loves to explore domains were Python is used.

Mridu's posts.

Rhys Powell

Rhys is a long time ops, moving very slowly, to dev. He loves tinkering and thinks he should blog far more than he does. You can follow him on Twitter, github and gitlab.

Rhys's posts.

Aviral Verma

Aviral is a Computer Science student at IIT-R. He is a budding python developer, loves developing new things & is an ever eager open source contributor. You can follow him on Github and Twitter.

Aviral's posts.

Andrew Knight

Andy is a software engineer and consultant who specializes in building test automation solutions from the ground up. Follow him on Twitter at @AutomationPanda, and check out his blog at AutomationPanda.com.

Andy's posts.

Cristian Medina

Cris is a computer engineer with experience in software and tools development, as well as server architecture and testing. He loves tinkering with software while trying to tie together different technologies. Visit his blog: https://tryexceptpass.org and follow him on Twitter and Github.

Cris' posts.

Jason Wattier

Jason is a reformed accountant turned database developer. He became interested in learning Python to become a more well-rounded programming savant. After a life-changing experience attending PyCon 2018, he is excited about becoming more involved in the open source community. You can find him on Twitter and on Github.

Jason's posts.

Erik O'Shaughnessy

Husband, father, hacker, gamer, storyteller, egregeous guitarist, hoplophile, space enthusiast, UNIX system programmer, scuba diver, amatuer radio operator, remote-control neophyte, part-time sci-fi snob, passing cartoonist, enthusiastsic karateka, whiskey drinker, acolyte of Schwa, semi-good pythonista, recovering trombonist, mechanical keyboard afficiando, unapologetic Apple fanboi, pickup truck driver, naked-eye exoplanet hunter and seriously grouchy in the morning before the first cup of coffee.

Erik's posts.

Andrea Mammoliti

Italian living in Shanghai. Actually working as management Consultant. Pythonista, interested in all Python applications from Django/Flask to Machine Learning. You can follow Andrea on Github

Andrea's posts.

And to read about PyBites co-creators Bob and Julian you can head over to our about page.