New to Python?

If you're looking for a place to start learning Python, look no further.

Our PyBites Code Challenges Newbie Bites are a series of 25 Python exercises (Bites) designed to teach you the basics of Python you need to start writing your own Python programs.

Each Newbie Bite teaches a single concept that is introduced via a detailed explanation.

That's right! We teach you the concept first, then get you to actually write code and complete the exercise before being able to progress to the next concept.

newbie bites

These Bites have been tested by people with absolutely no programming skills and have been able to bring them from zero to understanding the basics of Python.

We're serious! The first Bite actually details the most basic concept in Python: Assigning data to an object.

And to take it a step further, you won't know it but from Newbie Bite 1 you'll technically be learning to code using a concept known as "Test Driven Development".

Every single time you submit your code solution, our tests run against your code to tell you if you were correct. If you're not, the resulting error message describes where you went wrong.

Writing your code to tests like this is an invaluable skill as a professional developer so learning it from day one is extremely valuable.

We're all about the code though so enough talk. It's time to learn some Python.

Code the Newbie Bites