Privacy Policy

At PyBites we like to keep things challenging (get it?!). We do however draw the line at your personal information. In light of the recent GDPR changes we’ve written a no-nonsense, clear-as-day Privacy Policy outlining how we handle your data.

Information we hold

We only hold information that you intentionally provide us. On PyBites, all we collect is your email address via the “Join our community” form on the left of the site. If you choose to include your name then this is also captured. That’s it!

Usage of your information

The aforementioned captured information is only used to notify individuals of PyBites updates as well as information on our products. If intentionally requested by an individual we’ll also use email addresses to add the individual to our Slack community group.

Deleting your data

Simple! If for any reason you want your data deleted, simply email [email protected] requesting that we delete your email address and name (if recorded).

Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

GDPR guidelines mandate we take responsibility for data protection compliance. As such, consider both of us your DPOs:

Further information

If you need any further information on how we collect and use your data (or anything else really!), please send us an email at [email protected].