Hire Python Developers the better way

PyBites Platform Recruiter Tier

It's no secret that recruiting for a developer position is an arduous process.

The time wastage is largely due to the inability to gauge a candidate's coding level prior to them coming in for an on-site interview.

This painful process is something the PyBites Code Challenges Recruiter Tier solves.

By sending candidates a unique link to specific exercises from our library or exercises written by you, you're able to remove the pressure and time investment from an on-site interview.

The candidate is able to code in the exact same way they would be coding if they were already on your team: with access to resources and without someone breathing down their neck. This is how you'll get the best out of them.

Of course, there are metrics being captured and you'll also be able to see the numerous revisions of their code as it's captured every time they submit it for testing by our pytest tests.

All of this allows you to analyse the candidate's coding process and make a decision as to whether it's worth continuing the interview process or stop there - saving you countless wasted hours.

While you can't avoid hiring developers entirely, you can definitely make the process work in your favour. Let's talk and see how we can help you recruit top tier talent.