Platform Update 26-Mar-2018

PyBites, Mon 26 March 2018,

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New Home Page Dashboard

On logging into our platform, you've previously been directed straight to the list of Bites.

At PyBites we like to keep things lightweight and trimmed down (still an ad free experience!) so going straight to the Bites list has actually been working for us.

As the library of Bites has grown however, we've realised that there's been nothing on the platform letting you know a new Bite has been released! The only way we were notifying users was via Twitter and occasionally via the platform internal messaging system.

We're proud to say that you'll now see a brand new dashboard on the home page when you login to the platform!

premium dashboard

free dashboard

If you're currently on our free tier, your dashboard will display the platform subscription text, an announcement panel and below, a list of our latest News Posts (like this one!) and our newest Bites and Blog Code Challenges.

If you're already subscribed, you'll see the same dashboard minus the subscription text - no need seeing as you're already subbed right?

The dashboard will continually evolve as we create more widgets to add to the board.

Overall, it will provide greater visibility on updates to the platform as we make them.

We've covered the features in the following video from our new YouTube Channel.

Feature Requests

If you have any ideas or features you'd like to see added to the platform, please let us know through the platform messaging system.

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

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