PyCon 2017 - Digest, Impressions, Reflection

Bob, Wed 24 May 2017, Pycon

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PyCon 2017 was such a great conference, I made so many good connections, got to see many good things the community is working on. It was very inspiring.

In this article I will summarize some highlights and link to other resources.


The best thing you can do at a conference.

In that context the best lesson I think came from @AlSweigart:

... skip all the talks - conference is primarily about meeting new people.

All the talks are up and you can watch them at your own pace, the in-person networking could only be done during these days though so I am happy I did plenty of that :)

Ideas, ideas, ideas. The expo hall was filled with companies and interesting people. I spoke with various companies and great software developers, I met with Dan Bader, Mike Kennedy, Brian Okken, Anthony Shaw, Trey Hunner, and many more, which gave me a lot of inspiration.

Talks / workshops

Why don't you use C instead of Python? It's so much faster

Why don't you commute by plane instead of car? It's so much faster.

Some that I missed and plan on watching next:

I did see a lot of Python 3.6 mentioned/used, which seems a good trend.

Great community

One talk I wanted to highlight in particular is Mariatta Wijaya's Dial M For Mentor about finding a mentor and how she became the first Woman Python Core Dev. She received a standing ovation and it goes on to show how awesome our Python community is.

Mentors learn from you too.


Good mentor's don't hang around in communities that enable and accept trolls and assholes.

Some impressions

For more impressions check hashtag #pycon2017 on Twitter and our special digest we published during the conference weekend.

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob

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