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Bob, Wed 25 October 2017, Tools

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I finally did it! I bootstrapped my first project with Cookiecutter. There is a lot to discover but wow this tool can save you a ton of time, making your project more professional.

This is just a quick article to document this nice tool brought to us by the authors of Two Scoops of Django.

Cookiecutter does one thing and it does it well - Daniel Roy Greenfeld


First I ran a pip install but I could not find it in my path so I went full force with:

brew install cookiecutter

That's on Mac. On Ubuntu you would do:

sudo apt-get install cookiecutter

As it's a tool I will use to boostrap various projects I think having it outside a virtualenv is justified.

How to start

The best place to check out is their latest documentation jumping straight to the usage section.

At first I pulled the repo and filled out the cookiecutter.json, a convenient defaults file for hands off (--no-input) project creation.

The interactive option is convenient too:

$ cookiecutter gh:audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage
full_name [Audrey Roy Greenfeld]: Bob Belderbos
email []:
github_username [audreyr]: bbelderbos
project_name [Python Boilerplate]: PyBites Hacktoberfest Checker
project_slug [pybites_hacktoberfest_checker]:
project_short_description [Python Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Python package.]: Checking number of PRs done in Oct for the Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest challenge. Also my first Bottle app.
pypi_username [bbelderbos]:
version [0.1.0]:
use_pytest [n]: y
use_pypi_deployment_with_travis [y]:
Select command_line_interface:
1 - Click
2 - No command-line interface
Choose from 1, 2 [1]:
create_author_file [y]:
Select open_source_license:
1 - MIT license
2 - BSD license
3 - ISC license
4 - Apache Software License 2.0
5 - GNU General Public License v3
6 - Not open source
Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [1]:

I only then realized that there are project based cookiecutters so I picked the bottle one, the micro web-framework I want to use for our code challenge 38.

It could not be easier: just point to the Github repo. It is more bare bones than cookiecutter-pypackage though:

$ cookiecutter
full_name [Thiago Avelino]: Bob Belderbos
email []:
github_username [avelino]: bbelderbos
project_name [My Bottle App]: PyBites Hacktoberfest Checker
app_name [mybottleapp]: hacktoberfestapp
project_short_description [A cookiecutter template for creating reusable Bottle projects quickly]: Checking number of PRs done in Oct for the Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest challenge. Also my first Bottle app.

At this point you can cd into it, do a git init, make a virtual env and install the requirements:

$ virtualenv -p /Users/bbelderb/anaconda/bin/python venv
$ echo "venv" >> .gitignore
$ source venv/bin/activate
(venv) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
(venv) $ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/bbelderb/code/hacktoberfestapp/.git/
(venv) $ git status


(venv) $ git add . && git commit -m "init commit"
(venv) $ python  runserver
Listening on


default Bottle cookiecutter homepage

And here is the directory structure with some bootstrap code:

Bottle bootstrap folder structure and files


I think the main take away is that Cookiecutter takes a lot of worries away regarding setup, folder structure, required files, etc. It might be overkill for some projects, but it does add consistency across your projects and endorses best practices.

I only scratched the service. I really would like to try cookiecutter-flask, cookiecutter-django and cookiecutter-django-rest for future projects. Or how to create our own PyBites Cookiecutter? And what about defining pre- and post-generate hooks (Python or shell scripts to run before or after generating a project)? Enough to explore for a follow-up article ...

Feel free to share what you have used Cookiecutter for in the comments below.

cookiecutter is a nice and clean way to bootstrap a Python project

Further resources

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-- Bob

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