PyBites 1 Year Special - Taking Python Code Challenges to the Next Level …

PyBites, Wed 20 December 2017, Special

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A milestone: yesterday, 19th of December 2017, we celebrated our first PyBirthday! That is, PyBites is one year old! We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we are ignited to continue our course of learning and teaching Python with our growing community. A bit of reflection followed by a big announcement! Read on ...

We are so happy we decided a year ago to bite the bullet, from the simplest of inits:

image alt text

To week 6:

image alt text

To nowadays:

image alt text

We’ve come a long way. But to us it feels like we're just starting out.

Some valuable lessons we learned:

Our Big Announcement for today

We have been a bit quiet with articles, but for a good reason. We have been developing our code challenge platform! We’ve been eager to share it but we really wanted to get as much in before the 1 year mark. It’s out now and free to use:

PyBites Code Challenge Platform

(yes we like .es domain names)

image alt text

image alt text

Since we confirmed interest on HN (here and here) we developed 46 Python challenges on our blog. Our Challenges repo gets forked every week by an increasing amount of developers all wanting to learn Python. We endorsed a proper git flow from day 1, but it’s not always an easy add-on for newer developers.

We took this feedback to heart and integrated the whole process into our new platform. You can login with Github and work on our blog challenges. It gives you all the git commands you need to create your branch and PR your work.

Grow by PR

Why should you PR your work anyways?

Although we recommend you use the platform for any future challenge work you are of course totally free to use your existing workflow.

Code in the comfort of your browser - Bites of Py

But that’s not all, we started a whole new line of Challenges we call "Bites of Py". We were always fascinated how one could practice coding in the browser. No environment setup… code anywhere! So we wanted this for PyBites too.

So we hacked at it for a couple of weeks coming up with a prototype. We left the first working bite in just as a testimonial to this Eureka moment (in case you're wondering if it's an incomplete one lol).

It’s running with 5 bites for free consumption. If you’re reading this and had nothing but watching Netflix planned for tonight, skip the TV, take a Bite of Py, and let us know what you think.

We’re curious how you experience them and what you think we should add.

We are working on a whole series of them which should jumpstart a subscription service in March next year. You can subscribe on the site. The first Pythonistas in get more for less (and earlier).

What’s next - part II

Other than that we’re going to enjoy a serious Xmas break and we hope you get time off too to relax and recharge.

Next? Apart from ongoing improvements to our platform and hosting more code challenges, we will keep delivering news, articles and projects and sharing our learning. Stay tuned …

One more thing

We would not be PyBites if we didn't add a little anniversary challenge. Can you quantify our year’s worth of work? That’s right, show us what we’ve accomplished this year using data of your choice (Twitter, Github, blog, other). We’d love you to practice with your favorite data visualizations. We're pushing the challenge writeup to the blog and platform later this week ...

image alt text

    >>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

    - Happy Birthday fellas!

image alt text

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