Next Time I Will Use Pandas to Parse Html Tables

Posted by Bob on Thu 08 June 2017 in Concepts • Tagged with BeautifulSoup, regex, Pandas, parsing, data, data cleaning, energy, json, csv, html • 2 min read

Last week I did some html table parsing with BeautifulSoup and regex. It turns out there is an easier way to do this: Pandas.

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How to Parse Common Data Formats in Python

Posted by PyBites on Tue 16 May 2017 in Learning • Tagged with learning, code, programming, python, resources, csv, sqlite3, json, xml • 3 min read

In this post we demonstrate ways in which you can parse common data formats used in Python.

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Code Challenge 04 - Twitter data analysis Part 1: Getting Data - Review

Posted by PyBites on Fri 03 February 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, code review, github, learning, tweets, Twitter, twitterapi, oop, datamodel, csv, namedtuples • 2 min read

It's Friday again so we review the code challenge of this week. It's never late to sign up, just fork our challenges repo and start coding.

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