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The Pythonic Fast Lane, Digest of a 30 Min Mentoring Session

Posted by Bob on Wed 12 February 2020 in Coaching • Tagged with mentoring, developer mindset, requests, APIs, environment variables, kwargs, f-strings, pdb • 3 min read

The other day I had an awesome mentoring session with a beginner Pythonista, amazing what 30 min of screen sharing can do. Read on to learn more ...

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Code Challenge 58 - Analyze Podcast Transcripts with NLTK - Part I - Review

Posted by PyBites on Mon 07 January 2019 in Challenges • Tagged with code challenge, challenges, NLTK, podcast, text parsing, data mining, data science, talk python, itertools, sqlite3, dictionary comprehensions, list comprehensions, splitlines, iterators, SequenceMatcher, OrderedDict, praw, collections, defaultdict, namedtuple, Counter, JSON, XML, pomodoro, Flask, regex, datetime, timedelta, CLI applications, f-strings, feedparser, requests • 5 min read

In this article we review our PCC58 - Analyze Podcast Transcripts with NLTK - Part I code challenge.

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Twitter Digest 2017 Week 50

Posted by PyBites on Sun 17 December 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, tips, python, challenges, PyCon, motivation, machine learning, comments, TensorFlow, code, dicts, Flask, Regex, F-strings, Bottle, SQLAlchemy, Twitter, Scikit-learn, PrettyPrinter • 2 min read

Every weekend we share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) that we found / tweeted throughout the week.

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