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Exploring the Mutpy Library and How PyBites Uses it to Verify Test Code

Posted by Harrison Morgan on Sun 09 February 2020 in Testing • Tagged with guest, mutpy, pytest, coverage, bites of py, platform, mutants • 8 min read

A while back we launched our Test Bites. In this follow up article Harrison explains the MutPy mutation testing tool in depth and how we use it to verify test code on our platform. Enter Harrison.

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There's no Wrong Way... to Eat a Bite of Py

Posted by AJ Kerrigan on Wed 27 November 2019 in Tips • Tagged with guest, pybites, platform, REPL, virtualenv, learning, tips, editors, setup, ptpython, bpython, mutpy, Anaconda, iPad • 4 min read

There are many ways to tackle a Bites of Py exercise, try them all!

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Under the Hood: Python Comparison Breakdown

Posted by AJ Kerrigan on Sun 27 October 2019 in Concepts • Tagged with guest, learning, dis, precedence, chaining • 5 min read

Use Python's "dis" module to see how Python evaluates two similar comparison operations.

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The First Step in Contributing to Open Source Projects

Posted by Marc Falzon on Thu 20 June 2019 in Learning • Tagged with guest, learning, open source • 4 min read

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open source but weren't sure how to get started? Marc found himself in just that situation. Sometimes it all comes down to taking that first step.

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A Python Orientation - How to Get Started

Posted by Andrew Knight on Fri 17 August 2018 in Concepts • Tagged with guest, 2vs3, CPython, PyPy, MicroPython, pip, pipenv, venv, virtualenv, Conda, editors, Pythonic, Pythonista, Zen of Python, pycon, PSF, BDFL, overview, reference • 5 min read

Python is a wonderful language for both beginners and expert programmers, but getting started can be daunting. Which version should I use? Which editors are best? What do you mean there are different implementations and environments? Here's a guide to help navigate these big FAQs.

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Why Python is Great for Test Automation

Posted by Andrew Knight on Wed 25 July 2018 in Testing • Tagged with guest, test, testing, automation, tdd, selenium, pytest, IDE • 5 min read

Testing in Python is consistently growing in popularity. In this article our friend Andrew Knight from Automation Panda walks through 10 reasons why Python is great for Test Automation.

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Why Python is so popular in Devops?

Posted by Rhys Powell on Mon 25 June 2018 in DevOps • Tagged with guest, devops, deployment, scripting, netaddr, data visualization, sysadmin, automation • 3 min read

Along with the growth of Python for developers in the machine learning and data science space, Python is also a growing language for devops / in the ops tooling side. In this article Rhys will explain why that is ...

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Pushing the Packt "free book of the day" to the world with Scrapy and Alexa

Posted by Rhys Powell on Thu 31 May 2018 in Tools • Tagged with guest, Alexa, Scrapy, web scraping, Packt, books • 6 min read

I have a love of the goodies that you get as part of the developer rewards from submitting Alexa skills to Amazon. Another thing that I also love is the fact that Packt gives away a free book. What I always forget to do is look at what today’s book is and what I didn’t have was a lot of time to meet this month's deadline for app submission. Why not combine them both?

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Using Feedparser, Difflib and Plotly to Analyze PyBites Blog Tags

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Mon 29 January 2018 in Learning • Tagged with bots, code challenge, guest, Plotly, learning • 3 min read

I came across PyBites through a random retweet by some other Pythonista and was intrigued by the challenges Bob and Julian post. Learning cool things by building something always fascinated me so I love and enjoy contributing to the PyBites community through solving random challenges that I find interesting. Long story short I picked up PyBites Code Challenge 03 and am sharing my solution here.

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DisAtBot - How I Built a Chatbot With Telegram And Python

Posted by Rodolfo Ferro on Sun 10 December 2017 in Tools • Tagged with bots, code challenge, guest, DisAtBot, chatbots, opensource, Telegram, Mexico • 6 min read

Rodolfo recently joined our Code Challenges and built Disaster Attention Bot (DisAtBot), a chatbot that helps people affected by natural disasters. In this article he shows how he built this bot with Telegram and (of course) Python. Show him some love because who knows, this could be a life saver (pun intended)! We are delighted to have him show this interesting project he submitted for Code Challenge 43 which earned him a book on chatbots. /Rod please share ...

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