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Code Challenge 46 - Add Continuous Integration (CI) to Your Project

Posted by PyBites on Mon 11 December 2017 in Challenge • Tagged with CI, Jenkins, Heroku, Travis, Semaphore, automation, deployment, Docker, Better Code Hub, SIG • 3 min read

Hi Pythonistas, becoming a Python developer is partly about knowing your tools. Managing your environment, testing and continuous integration are unmissable skills when you start working on bigger projects with a team. So we decided to dedicate a code challenge to deployment. Take an existing projects or make a demo app from scratch, the goal is to build an automated pipeline. Will you be the next guy or girl at work receiving kudos for setting up a Jenkins server? Have fun!

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Python Testing With Pytest

Posted by Bob on Mon 25 September 2017 in Books • Tagged with pytest, testing, books, tox, Jenkins, fixtures, unittest, q&a • 3 min read

Review of Brian Okken's new pytest book.

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