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Twitter digest 2017 week 06

Posted by PyBites on Sat 11 February 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, podcasts, Excel, Django, k-means, iterators, magicmethods, lambda • 1 min read

On Saturdays we will share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) we found / tweeted during the week.

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Code Challenge 04 - Twitter data analysis Part 1: Getting Data

Posted by PyBites on Mon 30 January 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, github, learning, blog, twitterapi, tweets, Twitter, oop, datamodel, magicmethods • 2 min read

A new week, a new code challenge! In this 3 part challenge you will analyze Twitter Data. This week we will automate the retrieval of data. In Part 2 we will task you with finding similar tweeters, and for Part 3 you will do a full sentiment analysis.

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Python's data model by example

Posted by Bob on Wed 25 January 2017 in Concepts • Tagged with datamodel, oop, magicmethods, builtin, pythonic, iterators, slicing • 15 min read

After last post on OOP a logical follow-up is Python's data model. We use the great Fluent Python book to code up an example of our own, showing the powerful way you can leverage this data model. You can download the notebook here.

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