Twitter digest 2017 week 23

Posted by PyBites on Sun 11 June 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, tips, python, Elizabeth, books, packtpub, data analysis, objects, sentiment analysis, VADER, matplotlib, pandas, help, R, machine learning, cli, Django, REST, Pelican, Jinja2, asyncio, learning, coding • 2 min read

Every weekend we share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) that we found / tweeted throughout the week.

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Behind the Scenes of PyBites - a Blog for Passionate Pythonistas (Post #100 Special)

Posted by PyBites on Tue 18 April 2017 in Special • Tagged with special, milestone, softskills, learning, lessons, community, pelican, challenge, python, pybites, automation • 6 min read

Python is hot according to Dice. It’s an easy language to learn, has an elegant design and is widely used. In this article we proudly present our now 4 months journey into building PyBites. It’s a reflection of what we achieved and lessons learned. We hope to inspire fellow developers to start their own venture. It is very rewarding!

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Twitter digest 2017 week 04

Posted by PyBites on Sat 28 January 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, python, podcasts, asyncio, pipenv, pelican, jupyter, oop, vim, algorithms • 2 min read

On Saturdays we will share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) we found / tweeted during the week.

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Get a weekly digest from a Pelican blog

Posted by Bob on Sat 24 December 2016 in Tools • Tagged with pelican, feedparser, rss • 2 min read

In this post a script we use to get a weekly digest of our posts.

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How to get PyBites up and running on your machine

Posted by Pybites on Tue 20 December 2016 in Tools • Tagged with pelican, publishing, github, pip, virtualenv, git • 1 min read

This is a short post for Julian to get this Pelican blog up and running on his system.

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Posted by Pybites on Mon 19 December 2016 in Meta • Tagged with pelican, publishing, blog, pybites • 1 min read

Welcome to our new PyBites blog where our goal is to further develop our Python skills and share what we learn.

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