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Using Feedparser, Difflib and Plotly to Analyze PyBites Blog Tags

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Mon 29 January 2018 in Learning • Tagged with bots, code challenge, guest, Plotly, learning • 3 min read

I came across PyBites through a random retweet by some other Pythonista and was intrigued by the challenges Bob and Julian post. Learning cool things by building something always fascinated me so I love and enjoy contributing to the PyBites community through solving random challenges that I find interesting. Long story short I picked up PyBites Code Challenge 03 and am sharing my solution here.

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Twitter digest 2017 week 25

Posted by PyBites on Sun 25 June 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, tips, python, code, data analysis, audio, scikit, socketserver, Django, flask, Peewee, ORM, variables, raspberry pi, type checking, plotly, data science, machine learning, solid, cheatsheet • 2 min read

Every weekend we share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) that we found / tweeted throughout the week.

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