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How I Followed my Heart, Conquered Fear and Became a Public Speaker

Posted by Mridu Bhatnagar on Wed 04 September 2019 in Learning • Tagged with public speaking, meetups, community, imposter syndrome, talks, soft skills • 6 min read

In this guest post Mridu shares with us how she got into public speaking, conquering fear and imposter syndrome. What did she learn? And what does she recommend for people starting out? Let's hear from Mridu!

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How Promotions work in Large Corporations

Posted by Cristian Medina on Wed 15 August 2018 in SoftSkills • Tagged with promotions, software developer, job, negotiation, soft skills, performance review, salaries, manager, networking, opportunities • 10 min read

We are stoked to have Cristian Medina ( deliver our first soft skills article. He will go into depth on the topic of promotions and how to better position yourself as a developer. He will discuss performance reviews, the role your manager can play, networking and much more. Enjoy and keep challening yourself!

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