Code Challenge 18 - Get Recommendations

Posted by PyBites on Mon 08 May 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, learning, Twitter, books, recommendations, API, TextBlob • 2 min read

Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! This week we'll do another API exercise: you will parse your Twitter feed searching for book / movie / music / you-name-it recommendations. Can you create a simple ParrotRead? Enjoy

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Code Challenge 07 - Twitter Sentiment Analysis - Review

Posted by PyBites on Sun 26 February 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, code review, learning, Twitter, sentiment, TextBlob • 3 min read

It's end of the week again so we review the code challenge of this week. It's never late to sign up, just fork our challenges repo and start coding.

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