Twitter digest 2017 week 17

Posted by PyBites on Sun 30 April 2017 in Digest • Tagged with twitter, news, tips, python, terminal, ascii, pandas, booleans, strings, deep learning, scripts, aws, lambda, numpy, unix • 2 min read

Every weekend we share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) that we found / tweeted throughout the week.

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Code Challenge 11 - Generators for Fun and Profit

Posted by PyBites on Mon 20 March 2017 in Challenges • Tagged with codechallenges, learning, generators, unix, newquote • 2 min read

A new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! After last week's article on generators we will get you to practice a bit more with them in our new challenge. Good luck and have fun.

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